Madly in love
with your idea

Businesses should bring happiness. Your work could be a source of passion, inspiration, and freedom, helping to shape the world you want for yourself and others. This is possible when a meaningful initiative comes alive, intended to leave a positive impact through the zest and energy of someone that has decided to embrace passionately the pleasure of work.

This takes bravery, and to be brave, above all, it means to be true. To make the best effort to deliver a great value, while being honest about the limitations present. When it comes to branding an idea, it doesn't mean a beautiful package to cover an ordinary delivery, money before people or results at any cost. It means to communicate a trustworthy, sustainable, fair, lean, and inclusive brand. For real.

The Brave New Brand uses a design thinking process to create brands for those who dare to be brave. People that are using their talents to give something back to the world joyfully, and have ideas worth spreading in the most beautiful way, expressed by brands that people really connect and love.
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The Brand is just the beginning.

The Branding Thinking Process is just the kick-start on the ongoing process of building a brand. It starts with collaborative methodologies that help to dive deep in the business to clarify its essence - values, vision, mission statement, elevator pitch and strategic framework. It’s the brand personality or genetic code if you will, that will build the entire business presence. 

All of this to find a unique competitive positioning, and the brand visual and verbal identity, its manifestation.  Aka: name, tone of voice, design system (logo, typeface, color palette, graphic elements), and guidelines for managing the day to day product life.

But the experience has proven that once a brand project is finished, the real world comes in, and all this amazing knowledge and well-tailored tangle of connections that could actually become a soulful brand goes down the drain.

That’s why here the method is different: we are not just a flare. Like good brands, we are made for long term relationships. Once the first part is done, we keep working closely with the founder, marketing teams, or hiring professionals in specialized areas to keep the flow going.

The brand is one of the most valuable assets of an endevor, so more than assuring the investment made to create it, it’s vital to keep nurturing what can turn to be the core of the offer.


A solid and clear essence: values, vision, mission statement, elevator pitch, and strategic framework. 


Visual and verbal identity: name, tone of voice, design system (logo, typeface, color palette, graphic elements), first brand materials, for instance, the website.


The ongoing advisement and strategic deliveries to help marketing teams and independent professionals to implement the strategy. 

We are at our best working with brave humans.

Organizations or independent professionals that:

» Value the human and personal approach in business. “People first” thinkers;
» Eager to create something bigger, better, softer, soulful, and regenerative, with fair business models, that do good;
» Experts, with a solid background in their field, delivering a true value, no matter if small or local (we like it, actually), but with a solid long term vision to cause a positive impact;
» Really engaged with their business in the long run, willing to roll-up their sleeves to get things done;
» Working alone or with small teams;
» Open to experience and dare to live a creative life.

You can see more about my professional profile here, but in a nutshell, I’m a brand specialist working as an independent consultant partnering with other specialists such as designers and developers.

My academic background is in Advertising / Social Communication, Marketing by ESPM, Business Management by FGV, and in Positive Psychology and Wellness Science and Self-realization by PUC. I have worked in the corporate field for more than 15 years, passing through industry, consulting, and advertising agencies, always focusing on branding strategy and communication. I'm curious, always learning and writing (a lot), which leads me to some kind of joy in producing content, especially about experiencing a more creative life.  I have a special focus on female entrepreneurship (for instance an interview series about women in creative careers) and wrote a book called Ser Humana (in Portuguese). 

I truly believe that there’s a simpler and more enjoyable way of working. More fruitful, personal, creative and with more than everything that makes us humans. And I love to discover that all again in every project.

If all of this made a huge bell ring inside your head, let’s just talk.